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Saturday, August 27th

3pm Short and Feature


Animated Feature

The Armenian King Varazdat embarks on an exciting journey to Greece to take part in the Olympic Games not only to gain the garland in the wrestling competition, but to vanquish evil and come back to homeland as an absolute hero.

David Sahakyants, Hayk Sahakyants, Kathleen Randazzo* (English ADR)

Vardan Zadoyan, David Sahakyants, Lyudmila Sahakyants, Hayk Sahakyants, Ruben Jaghinyan, Sargis Mnoyan

William Gabriel Grier*, Lincoln Hoppe*, Kathleen Randazzo*, Cathy Shambley, Sasha Aghajanyan, Franklin Garcia*, Sam Salem*, Brian Patrick McGowan*, Chris Tergliafera*, Harris Markson*, Eric Sarich*, Dexter Elkin*, John Barbarotta*, Michelle Hodan*, Day Robson




* Indicates Playhouse West Member

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