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WEB SERIES (Kathleen's Meetups)


Monday Morning Meetup:

This is an introductory web series writing class focusing on learning how to write drawing inspiration from eavesdropping, art, song and other tactics to open your creative mind. You will learn script structure and participate in weekly writing assignments plus you will write your own 3-page web series pilot. You will learn about log lines, tag lines and synopsis. This class includes a one on one coaching session with Kathleen.

Tuesday Advanced Production Class:

This class dives deeper into using structure and character analysis to push your web series forward. There are multiple weekly writing assignments where you will write for other student’s web series, collaborate on group episodes and experience writer’s room scenarios. You will also work on your own web series package including the first three episodes of your web series, log line and synopsis. This includes one on one coaching sessions with Kathleen for all three webisodes.

Mondays @ 9am PST via Zoom for 3 hours



3 months




Kathleen Randazzo is an actress, director and producer with over 20 years in the entertainment industry. She has worked with some of Hollywood’s top talent, including Scott Caan, James Franco, David Spade, Olivia Newton John and George Segal.

Kathleen was asked by Scott Caan to direct him in many of his original works: Word Faithful, The Performance of Heartbreak: An Epilogue, and in 2019, This Isn't 40, which earned critical acclaim and sold-out performances.

Kathleen also directed the hit comedy play “Psyche on Vine”. The play featured a cast of many recognizable film and television actors including Sean Whalen (Twister, Never Been Kissed), Sean Carrigan (American Vandal, The Young and the Restless, Ford vs Ferrari) and Wolfgang Bodison (A Few Good Men, Tucker’s War). This raucous comedy ran for a year in Hollywood to sold out shows.

As an actress, Kathleen had a recurring role on the first season of VEEP on HBO. Recently, she appeared in the James Franco project, TENN based on the life of Tennessee Williams and Ultimate Evil, A Web Series based on the Son of Sam Killings.

Kathleen is a teacher at Playhouse West in North Hollywood. In 2014 Kathleen was so inspired by her students she made her first film, Promise. The following year Promise got worldwide distribution. In 2015, her second film, April Fools was part of a feature that won the Most Innovative Film Award at the Burbank Film Festival.


Be a part of a writer's room! We will find inspiration from sharing stories about the weekend, our crazy families, animals, and lives until we come up with a pitch! The goal of the class is to collaborate in making your own WEB SERIES.

​One of Kathleen's greatest joys is teaching at Playhouse West where she inspires a new generation of actors, writers and filmmakers. She is the founder of the Playhouse West Production Class where she mentors the students as they write, direct and act in their own original plays. This year due to COVID 19 the students in her Production Class reinvented themselves and the class. They created their own Web series, and thus, the Meetup Class was born!


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