Table Read of “Out of Left Field”

After receiving a heart transplant, the arrogant host of a sports talk show begins exhibiting the personality traits of his donor…A flamboyant gay fashion designer.
Our Table Reading of “Out of Left Field” is full!
Table Read of “Out of Left Field”

Time & Location

Jul 17, 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM PDT


All actors featured in this table read are Playhouse West Alumni and current students.


Narrator - Britlynn Allen

Chet - Tommy Schneider

Hailey - Gar-Ye Lee

A.J. - LaJuan Miller

Brad - Eric Charles Jorgenson

Clark - Gabriel Grier

Jimmy - Tiago Santos

Matt - Sergio Sanchez

Taylor - Parker Goris

Krista - Leah Caruana

Sid - Wolf Bodison

Gale Sayers/Billy Dee Williams, Jay Benson - Leon Nixon

Dan Fields - Tyler Scherer

Dr. Hagiwara, Line Producer, Man, Panelist 1 - Simon Kim

Bartender, Jonathan (Fashion Designer), Richard Bagley, Man, TV Chef - Brandon Roth

All Announcer roles, Bob, David Fagen, TV Host, TV Reporter, Young Reporter 2 - Brian McGowan

Bjorn, Frat Guy, Robbie, Robbie, Sean, Set P.A., Todd - Chris Gatpo

Dr. O’Brien, Joy Behar, Linda Simon, Wife, Reporter 1 - Jodie Fleming

Daryl, Caterer, Dwight, Joey (Paparazzo), George, Grip 2, Jake, Reporter 3 - Kermit Burns

Mandy (Manacurist), Assistant 2, Barbara, Nurse Perkins - Leah Williams

Jimmy Fallon, Mort, Ed, Grip 1, Jordan, Panelist 2, Reporter 2, Security Guard, Young Reporter - Sean Johnson

Debby, Julia (Expo Director), Nurse, Sara (Chet’s Asst.), Assistant, Female Reporter, Interviewer, Janice (Associate Producer), Maria (TV Anchor), Petite Woman, Receptionist, Wardrobe Mistress - Belén Cusí

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