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What is the Meisner Technique?

Sandy never liked the term Meisner Technique. Someone else came up with that. In one of his classes, and I was in most of them for the years he taught at Playhouse West, he said he did not teach Meisner Technique. He said, “I am superior to a technique.” What he meant by that was, as he said once, I have many resources.

Sandy’s brilliance as a teacher could not be reduced or constrained by any so called technique. He did invent a series of exercises very helpful to the training of actors, such as: Repetition, Doors & Activities, Spoon Rivers, Nursery Rhymes, Relationship Exercises, Impediments, and Improvisations toward Scenes to name some.

The most well known of these is Repetition. Sandy told me once most teachers claiming to teach his work do Repetition because that is all they know. He also said anyone doing Repetition more than 2 weeks is a fraud.

To get the best idea about Sandy’s way of working with actors read Sanford Meisner On Acting.


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