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January, 2024.  Listen to the Podcast here Interview with Tony Savant

Read the interview here

The Award-Winning play, “Welcome Home, Soldier”, a Tribute to Vietnam Veterans, Opens in Philadelphia, November 2, 2019

PHILADELPHIA, PA – September 15, 2019 - On Saturday, November 2, 2019, at 8 p.m., Playhouse West-Philadelphia Theater ( opens the award-winning play, “Welcome Home, Soldier”, a tribute to Vietnam Veterans that tells true stories about the effects of the Vietnam War and the subsequent homecoming on veterans and their families.

An Emotional ‘Welcome’ for Ex-Soldiers : Theater: Playhouse West show brings veterans to their feet with poignant re-creations of the return from Vietnam

By Michael Szymanski
November 8, 1991, 12 AM
Special to the Times. Szymanski writes regularly for the times.

"Every Saturday night 33 acting students at Playhouse West in North Hollywood try to re-create the pain, anger and isolation still felt by Vietnam War veterans. The actors--most of them not old enough to remember the unpopular war--shout at each other, laugh and cry as they perform 'Welcome Home, Soldier.'

Each week, the audience is sprinkled with real-life Vietnam War veterans--many have come more than a dozen times--and often those veterans get so caught up in the story that they jump from their seats, scream at the actors and join in the play.

Read the interview here.

Esquire Magazine, Interview with Jeff Goldblum (PW Co-Founder)
Published in the March 2014 issue

A conversation with the actor over lunch at the Greek Kitchen, a Goldblum favorite in midtown Manhattan. (mentions Tony Savant and Playhouse West-Philadelphia)

Read the interview here.

Pennsylvania Film Industry Association
Featured PA Filmmaker - Tony Savant

Friday, November 08, 2019

Article By: Maria Shamkalian, PAFIA Vice-Chair

"Tony Savant, Director of Playhouse West-Philadelphia, Acting School and Theater, is one of the foremost respected acting teachers in the country..."


Read the interview here.

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