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Our Acting Studio & Theater


Our home as of July, 2018, is at 1218 Wallace Street, in Philadelphia.  It is a 2,000 square foot acting studio and theater, with a capacity of up to 97 seats, used for our classes, for our students to perform in scene presentations and stage productions, to screen films, host film festivals and other events.

Our a state-of-the-art theater is equipped with LED lighting, a 1080p HD projector, and electronic projection screen (18' wide, 16x9 aspect ratio), and digital surround sound.   Our venue is available to rent for film screenings.

We also have a lending Library with over 600 plays and other books for our students convenience and use, for finding scenes to do in class and furthering their education.

Playhouse West, successfully training working actors, directors, writers and producers for over 40 years!


Playhouse West’s unique process has been brought to Philadelphia by long-tenured senior instructor and Artistic Director, Tony Savant.  Mr. Savant is one of the foremost respected acting teachers in the country – who has trained hundreds of working actors, and many of the top actors in film and television.  No teacher in Philadelphia has taught more working actors, and actors who work at the highest levels of industry, than Mr. Savant.  His students can be seen working in major motion pictures and starring in television shows every night of the week.  After almost 30 years in Los Angeles, he established the Playhouse West-Philadelphia branch in 2012.


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