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Taught by Tony Savant in a group setting, this class focuses on various areas of mastering one’s voice and speech, and is specifically geared toward actors.  The curriculum employs both Arthur Lessac and Edith Skinner technique training, with a focus on phonetically learning correct General American speech. 

A voice and speech booklet is provided.

The course addresses:

  • vocal warm-up

  • proper breathing technique

  • proper voice production and strengthening the voice

  • diaphragm control

  • proper diction

  • elements of vocal expressiveness

  • General American speech

  • regional American dialects

  • Standard British

Fridays, 9a - 10p - ONLINE VIA ZOOM


Free to current Playhouse West students (included in the monthly tuition).  $50 per month for L.A. students.  All classes are recorded and can be watched afterward.


Non-Playhouse West students may email for availability.

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