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We require all prospective students to first sit in and audit a full class.  We want people to how students are being taught, and hopefully see the value in our way of training actors.  We also want you to observe the teacher, the students, and the way the class is conducted in a serious, professional atmosphere.  Immediately following the audit class there will be a brief interview with each auditor.  To read more about auditing, including days and times, please take a look at our Audit page. As an official part of Playhouse West Acting School, students may transfer to the Los Angeles branch and pick up their studies at the same level where they left off.



The training at Playhouse West encourages students to actively engage in practicing the work being done in the class in the more practical arenas of the theater or a movie set.  This includes regular Scene Presentations where students perform scenes they worked on in class in from of an invited audience of industry people, friends and family or the general public. 


Our students are constantly engaged in writing, directing and producing plays and films.  In fact, Playhouse West members in Los Angeles and Philadelphia participate in the production of 250-300+ independent short and feature films per year.   Both the LA and Philly schools host an annual 3 day Playhouse West Film Festival to screen the best of those films, and host numerous other film projects and screenings throughout the year, including 21 and 25 Day Film Projects, a 40 Days/40 Nights Film Challenge, a 120 Hour Film Festival, and other events.  


On weekends our members are actively rehearsing and performing in play productions, both original and produced.  These plays are directed by either a staff member or the students themselves.


At Playhouse West we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of professional training at the most reasonable cost.  We've been a respected leader in the industry, successfully training actors, writers and directors for almost four decades!


Playhouse West is not just a class, it is a school with a serious, intense, professional training program.  Our goal is to prepare actors to work professionally, at the highest levels of industry.  You will also learn what it means to be a professional, and what it will take to meet the rigors of this profession.

We bring our own artistic vision and an intensity to the approach of training of an actor. This includes year-round attendance and ongoing classes.  This process permits the actor to progress from fundamental exercises, to scene study, script analysis, characterization work and other advanced acting exercises, to stage productions and making films.  Playhouse West's instruction focuses on the individual, allowing each student to advance at their own pace.


  • Class is $225/month

  • 2 Classes per Week

  • You will work EVERY class

  • Free make up classes

“What he wanted from you was truthful acting… He was able to communicate, and the proof of that is the number of people who’ve gone on to become people who set standards of acting.”  


Gregory Peck on Sanford Meisner 

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