40 Days & 40 Nights Short Film Challenge

The challenge begins March 19, and ends at midnight on April 27, 2021.   ​The theme this year is "Theme-Based, Realistic Narrative Stories".

Winners will be chosen for:


Best Comedy:  


Best Romantic Comedy:  


Best Drama: 


Best Romance Drama:  


Best Suspense / Thriller:  


The five winning films will receive automatic selections to be screened at the 8th Annual Playhouse West Film Festival-Philadelphia, August 27-29, 2021.


Please download and read.


To Register a Production Team, please fill out the form below and​ pay the $7 registration fee, by March 18.

For the 2nd year, the members of Playhouse West-Philadelphia are engaged in a 40 Days / 40 Nights Film Challenge.  Productions teams have 40 days/nights to write, produce, cast, shoot and edit a short film (3 to 20 minutes in length).   This challenge is open to current or former members of all Playhouse West branches.

THEME-BASED means that there must be point, a premise or theme, which is being dramatized by the action of the story.


REALISTIC FICTIONAL NARRATIVE STORY means that the main narrative of the story must be something that could happen in every day life.  It could be completely fictional, or a fiction story based on a true story.​


Accepted Genres: Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Drama, Romance Drama, Suspense/Thriller.


Genres not Accepted: Sci-Fiction, Horror, Mockumentary/Pseudo-Documentary, Animation.